Is it safe to travel Coorg.!?

Is it safe to travel to Coorg.?
How to reach Coorg.?
What is the best route reach Coorg.?

These are the few questions we answer through this blog.

South Coorg is safe.!

Yes, you heard it right. Being hit by the nature anger of heavy rains, Kodagu has lost it’s shape. Constraining many village’s roads, lands, farms, mountains have been slide in flush of water. Which has caused enormous loss to thousands of people and the governing authorities.

We being part of South Coorg, little better in terms of facing these heavy rains could sustain the geographical transformation. Through this write up we would like to convey that South Coorg is Safe to travel and all the tourism places are intact and reachable safely. This is in mind to keep updates to those wanting to travel to Coorg for vacations but holding since it is not safe to reach there.

We present the below route plan and stay plan to complete your Coorg trip during these season and enjoy the lush green with abundant flow of water bodies giving prosperity of nature to viewers.

Route Plan >>>

Itinerary for 2 Days >>>

Book your stay with us, enjoy best nature at best cost and comfort.



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